Terrazzo Tiles vs Cement Tiles: Which are the best tiles for flooring?

Terrazzo and encaustic cement tiles make excellent floors and can be used indoors or outside. Due to the different production methods and distinct materials, each one offers various advantages. So, let’s look at some of the differences between these two types of tiles to help you choose the right one for your flooring needs.

Artisan Terrazzo Tile


Both terrazzo and cement floor tiles are durable and hard-wearing and keep their original colours and good looks even after many years of use. The colour layer of cement tiles is 8 mm, so you can be confident that they will always retain their original colours. However, due to the rigid components of granite, marble, quartz and glass, which are used to produce terrazzo tiles, these floor tiles provide a tough and durable surface. Terrazzo tiles may be your best option for burdensome transport areas under constant use due to their unapparelled hardness and durability.

Colours and designs

Encaustic cement tiles come in various colours, shapes and designs. Each tile is individually hand-crafted using carefully constructed moulds to create the sometimes intricate and complex patterns. On the other hand, Terrazzo tiles also come in various colours but have an overall mottled design with contrasting flecks of colour. If you are looking for a decorated floor tile with a wide choice of designs, encaustic cement tiles are your best choice.

Encaustic Cement Tile

Ease of installation

Cement tiles are easier to install because they are not as hard as terrazzo tiles and are easier to cut. However, care must be taken when laying cement tiles with a design to ensure the design is correctly aligned. As terrazzo tiles have an overall mottled effect, they can be laid in any direction. Also, cement tiles must be laid, leaving a small space between them, which is later filled with grout, adding an extra step to the installation process. On the other hand, Terrazzo tiles are usually laid flush with each other and do not require grouting.

Finished effect

As cement tiles have grout in between them, you can create different effects depending on the colour of grout you use. The massive choice of designs and colours of cement tiles let you create a great range of spaces from modern to traditional and from high visual impact to soothing on the eyes. Terrazzo tiles have a more homogenous colour and effect, making them more versatile and easier to combine with fixtures and furnishings.


Terrazzo: Ideal for your garden and terraces

Terrazzo tiles are the perfect choice to transform your garden or terrace into a beautiful relaxing place with a luxury feel. However, they not only look fantastic but are also extraordinarily hard-wearing and of unparalleled quality.


How to install terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo floor tiles are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an attractive, hard-wearing floor. Installing Terrazzo floor tiles is not difficult. Follow these steps to create a flawless and professional-looking finish.

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