Segesta Terrazzo Tile is the finest indoor terrazzo wall and floor tile for residential, commercial, and public terrazzo projects.

If you are ordering less than 100 square meters, please use our retail website

Minimum Order 100 m2
Application Area Walls and Floors
Usage Indoor
Available Sizes (WxHxD) cm 50x30x2, 60x30x2, 60x40x2 , 30x30x2, 40x40x2, 60x60x2, 50x50x2, 25x25x2, 20x20x2, 50x30x3, 60x30x3, 60x40x3, 30x30x3, 40x40x3, 60x60x3, 50x50x3, 25x25x3, 20x20x3, 50x30x4, 60x30x4, 60x40x4, 30x30x4, 40x40x4, 60x60x4, 50x50x4 , 25x25x4, 20x20x4, 80x40x3, 80x60x3, 120x60x3, 80x40x4, 80x60x4, 120x60x4, 100x100x3, 120x120x3, 80x80x3, 90x90x3, 100x100x4, 120x120x4, 80x80x4, 90x90x4
Custom size available upon request
Compressive Strength from 70 to 100 N/mm2
Bending Resistance 9,1 N/mm2=MPA
Abrasion Resistance 16,6 cm3/50cm2
Water Absorption 2,9 M%
Classification of Anti Slip Properties R9
Fire Resistance A1 fl not flammable
Specific Gravity 2.600 kg/m3

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